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Artisanal Culinary Arts

Post Graduation in Artisanal Culinary Arts 

More Information - 2016/2017
A One-Year Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program 
Program Code: ATA1
Campus Code: LC (LC - London)
May Admission

Program Description
Artisanal Culinary Arts is a one-year graduate program that aims to provide an opportunity for students to specialize in an artisanal culinary field; develop a more profound respect for food; and explore the concept of food sovereignty with a sustainable model of agriculture in contrast to Canada's current industrial system of food production. This program will create chefs that have demonstrated a competence in traditional food preparation such as preserving, artisanal baking, and butchery. Students will acquire an expertise in the use of local/sustainable products to create advanced dishes, menus, and recipes.  A theme throughout the program is to promote chefs who appreciate the origins of food, in addition to the hard work and processing methods that affect specific elements like the taste and quality of the finished product.  More importantly, graduates will learn how to share these different attributes with a diverse clientele on both a national and international level.

English Language Requirements

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test with an overall score of 6.5 with no score less than 6.0 in any of the four bands, with test results within the last two years

Learning Outcomes 
The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:
1. Analyze the economic costs of local sustainable food production.
2. Perform basic agricultural techniques e.g. prepare soil, select, place and nuture different fruit and vegetables species.
3. Analyze the health benefits of sustainable food production.
4. Prepare a variety of foods using advanced food preparation, theory, and techniques.
5. Apply business principles related to sustainable food industries. 6. Work independently and in teams.

Careers - 2016/2017
Career Opportunities
Occupational areas where it is anticipated graduates will find employment:
- Hospitality Industry
- Culinary Tourism Industry
- Education - Training Facilities
- Agriculture
- Media Corporations

Industry Employment Areas:
- Restaurants
- Hotels
- Resorts/Inns and Spas
- Bed and Breakfast
- School Boards/Colleges/Universities
- Farms - Market Garden or Community Supported Agriculture
- Television or Magazines

Artisanal Culinary Arts-2016/2017
Level 1Credits
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
EDUC-6036Sensory Education4.5
FDMG-6001From the Plough to the Plate4.5
FDMG-6002The Craft of Charcuterie4.5
BAKE-6001Artisan Bread1.5
BAKE-6002Artisanal Desserts1
FDMG-6003The World of Cheese3
HIST-6001History & Politics of Food3
BUSI-6006Sustainable Business Planning3
HORT-6001Farming & Aquaculture3
FDMG-6004The Art of Preserving1
FDMG-6005The Harvest Billet2.4

Level 2Credits
Take the following Mandatory Course:
FDMG-6006Professional Stage12

Overview - 2016/2017
Serving local and seasonal food from sustainable sources is not just a trend. It’s a viable and responsible way of approaching the culinary arts and restaurant business. Learning the ins and outs of the Artisanal Culinary Arts will not only prepare you for a satisfying and in-demand career, it’s a philosophy on how to live a good life and do business the right way.
Fanshawe’s one-of-kind Artisanal Culinary Arts Graduate Program will teach you butchering, baking and preserving techniques with methods that are rooted in seasonal, local and sustainable food source philosophies.
Part of this philosophy means a modified study schedule that begins in spring with the freshest, seasonal produce possible grown in gardens located on the London Fanshawe campus. You’ll learn how to grow your ingredients and harvest them, too.
If you’re interested in how food is grown, and how you can work as part of a team, this program will prepare you with all of the necessary skills to be an artisanal success. As well, you’ll be able to secure internships and employment all over Canada and Internationally. Currently, Fanshawe has graduates from this program working in South Africa and England.
Join the world of Artisanal Culinary Arts and combine your food passion with responsible and sustainable methods.

Advantages of this Program:

  • Earn and gain practical experience. Start working from day 1, part-time 20 hours in a week during your academics and full time during your Vacation.
  • Pathway for 3* Years of Open Work Permit.
  • Prospects of applying for Permanent Residence visa are much higher in Canada. 
  • Earn minimum of $11CAD/hr as per the minimum wages set.

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