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Culinary Management

Post Secondary Diploma in Culinary Management

More Information - 2016/2017
A Two-Year Ontario College Diploma Program 
Program Code: CLM6
Campus Code: LC (LC - London)
September/May Admission
15 week terms

Program Description
Culinary Management is an exciting and creative two-year program designed to develop the students' culinary skills and professionalism. In conjunction with managerial courses and basic cooking instruction, this program also provides further instruction with advanced practical 'hands-on' experience in International Cooking, Baking and Garde Manger. A popular and widely recognized program, Culinary Management offers the successful graduate limitless opportunities in the culinary field.

Other Information
IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  Students wishing to enter the Culinary Management program, Program Code CLM6, must first successfully complete the Culinary Skills - Chef Training program, Program Code CHF1.
Students that have successfully completed the Culinary Skills - Chef Training program, and wish to continue with the Culinary Management program, must complete an "Application for Program Transfer" form available from the Office of the Registrar, Room E1012.
Graduates of this program may apply for admission to the one-year Concierge Services - Guest Relations Specialist program offered by Fanshawe College.
It is strongly recommended that applicants complete a Heartsaver Course prior to entering the program.
All students within this program will benefit from an extended placement period until October of their second year.

Learning Outcomes 
The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to
1.provide fundamental culinary planning, preparation, and presentation to a variety of food service environments.
2.apply basic and advanced* food and bake theories and other related theories to all aspects of food preparation.
3.contribute to the provision of a healthy, safe, and well-maintained kitchen environment and to the service of food and beverage products that are free from harmful bacteria or other contaminants.
4.apply a knowledge of kitchen management techniques, as required, to support the goals of the operation and the responsible use of resources.
5.apply fundamental nutritional principles to all aspects of food production.
6.perform effectively as a member of a food and beverage preparation and service team.
7.apply cost control techniques to food-service operations.
8.apply self-management and interpersonal skills to enhance performance as an employee and team member and to contribute to the success of a food-service operation.
9.develop ongoing personal professional development strategies and plans to enhance culinary, leadership, and management skills for the hospitality environment.

Careers - 2016/2017
Career Opportunities
Graduates can expect to find employment as cooks in a variety of food service environments with the possibility of advancement to executive chef. Opportunities also exist as food and beverage managers, controllers, purchasing agents, catering and sales representatives, banquet managers as well as self-employment.

Culinary Management-2016/2017
Year 1
Gen Ed - Take a 3 credit General Education elective course
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
FDMG-1064Purchasing & Menu Planning2
BAKE-1001Basic Bake Practical I3.5
BAKE-1002Bake Theory1
FDMG-1002Basic Food Preparation - I3.5
FDMG-1029Food Theory 12
SANI-1002Sanitation & Safety1
FDMG-3023Food Theory 22
FDMG-1030Skills Development0.5
FDMG-3011Garde Manger3.5
FDMG-1003Basic Food Preparation 23.5
FDMG-1017Meat Theory2
FDMG-1039Dining for Professional Success3
WRIT-1042Reason & Writing 1-Tourism& Hospitality3
COMM-3080Comm for Tourism & Hospitality3
FDMG-1081A La Carte Cuisine3.5
HOSP-1001Hospitality Career Focus1
FDMG-1082The Culinary Profession1

Year 2
Take all of the following Mandatory Courses:
HOSP-3007Numbers for Hospitality4
MGMT-3012Management Techniques2
FDMG-3021Adv. Food Theory3
FDMG-3037Contemporary Cuisine3.5
FDMG-5014Chef's Table-The Big Night4
FDMG-5003Food Facility Design2
MKTG-1038Marketing for Hospitality & Tourism2
FDMG-3036Culinary Events Planning1
FDMG-1055Service Excellence2
BEVR-1005Beers, Spirits History & Culture3
FDMG-3034At the Stoves3
FDMG-3033International Cuisine2
BAKE-1004Basic Bake Practical 23.5
FDMG-3038Food & Wine Dynamics2
BAKE-3006Cafe Production3

Take the following Mandatory Courses:
FDMG-3001Externship I4.8
SFTY-1056General Health & Safety-Field Placement0

Overview - 2016/2017
The modern culinary arts industry is sophisticated, dynamic, and always evolving. It’s an industry where food and culture, tastes and tradition go hand-in-hand. If you’re excited to learn more about the culinary arts, and to nurture your love of food and people, the Culinary Management program will allow your passions to shine.
Of course, you’ll learn about food basics, techniques, and styles. But there’s a lot more. You’ll learn about dining culture. The theory and history of mixing drinks. The history of wine and how to pair it with food. The ins and outs of fine dining and hosting will be taught when you prepare gourmet meals for industry professionals and wine experts. As well, you’ll get real kitchen experience by working in Fanshawe’s very own restaurant, Saffron’s.
You’ll round-out your skills with three semesters of baking and seven more learning all of the tricks of the Culinary Arts trade. When you graduate, your career path will have as many diverse options as you’ll have skills. Perhaps the restaurant industry will call? Or the catering world, hotels or a resort will be your destination?
Whatever your choice, you’ll be prepared. You may even be recruited by one of many industry professionals who visit Fanshawe regularly.

Advantages of this Program:

  • Earn and gain practical experience. Start working from day 1, part-time 20 hours in a week during your academics and full time during your Vacation.
  • Pathway for 3* Years of Open Work Permit.
  • Prospects of applying for Permanent Residence visa are much higher in Canada. 
  • Earn minimum of $11CAD/hr as per the minimum wages set.

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