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Diploma in Pâtisserie with AUT

Diploma in Pâtisserie

Does a career in cakes, desserts and pastry appeal? The Diploma in Pâtisserie has been developed in response to industry and student demand for advanced skills and knowledge, building on the success of the Certificate in Practical Pâtisserie. It has a practical focus with a strong theoretical, creative and business foundation.

Programme code: AK3731
Level: 5
Points: 240
Duration: 2 years full time
Venue: City campus
Start date: February 

Entry requirements
• NCEA: 48 Level 2 credits including 8 Level 2 credits in a language-rich subject
• CIE: Total 60 points on the UCAS Tarrif, including a language rich subjects: English, History, Geography, Classical Studies, History of Art or Media Studies, Economics, Te Reo, Physical Education, Drama, Social Studies.

Career opportunities
• Pâtissier
• Owner-operated small business enterprise
• Product development.                                                                          

Structure and content
You master the fundamental, intermediate and advanced pâtisserie practices and principles, resulting in a comprehensive body of knowledge and skills, enabling you to operate successfully in this highly creative and demanding environment.                                            

The practical side of this programme involves using commercial kitchen tools and equipment and requires students to demonstrate a level of awareness and skill that doesn't compromise any health and safety standards for yourself and others.

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**Students need to be aware that if they experience an interruption in their enrolment period greater than 3 weeks during a semester they may be impacted in their Studylink entitlements.


Year one
PATS401 Foundation Pastries
PATS402 Foundation Cakes
PATS403 Sponges, Gateaux and Torten
PATS404 Pâtisserie Related Studies
PATS405 Foundation Breads
PATS406 Professional Experience
PATS407 Basic Hot Desserts
PATS408 Basic Cold Desserts

Year Two
CULN512 Contemporary Kitchen Management
FOOD501 Food and the Senses
PATS501 Artisan Breads
PATS502 Sugar and Chocolate Confectionary
PATS503 Advanced Professional Desserts
PAST504 Advanced Professional Torten and Gateaux
PATS505 Showpieces
PATS506 Advanced Pātisserie Practices and Principles
Students are also eligible to sit the City and Guilds International Diploma in Pâtisserie on completion of Year Two.

Advantages of this Program:
• Earn minimum of $14.25 NZ$/hr as per the minimum wages set.
• Earn and gain practical experience by working part-time  by day 1 Along with your study.
• Avail one year of Graduate job search visa after studies which could be extended up to 3 years.
• Be eligible to apply for permanent residence visa(applicable for chefs).  
• Invites all diploma/degree holders from hospitality.

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