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Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management with AUT, New Zealand.

The Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management is designed to meet the increasing demand from hospitality professionals for a postgraduate qualification that has an international focus.

• Students complete papers covering contemporary hospitality issues, including the key areas of strategic management, human resource management and financial management.

• Students who have staircased through undergraduate programmes and who wish to embark on more advanced papers in hospitality management may choose to enrol directly in this one-year postgraduate diploma.

• Also caters for those already in the industry who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge base at a more advanced level.

Programme code: AK3747
Level: 8
Points: 120
Duration: 1 year full-time / up to 3 years part-time
Venue: City Campus
Start date: 17 July 2017

Entry requirements

• Guidelines to entry

• Applicants may be required to submit examples of previous academic work and/or to attend a selection interview.

• One of the following or equivalent:

• Bachelor of International Hospitality Management

• Graduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management.

Structure and content

Using a strategic approach, students gain advanced knowledge and skills in the field of international hospitality management.


HOSP801 Contemporary Topic in Hospitality

HOSP802 Financial Management in Hospitality: A Strategic Approach

HOSP803 Hospitality Marketing Research

HOSP804 Power, People and Profit: Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Employment

HOSP805 Strategic Management in Hospitality

HOSP806 Human Behaviour in Hospitality Organisations

HOSP807 Leadership and Ethics in Hospitality and Tourism

SOSC880 Qualitative Research Methods and Analysis

SOSC881 Quantitative Research Methods and Analysis

SOSC884 Social Research Design and Analysis

TOUR810 Directed Reading

TOUR811 Applied Research Methods

OR a paper from any other postgraduate programme with approval from the programme leader.

Career opportunities

• Senior level positions in the New Zealand and international hospitality industry

Advantages of this Program:

• Earn minimum of $14.75 NZ$/hr as per the minimum wages  set.

• Earn and gain practical experience by working part-time  by day 1 Along with your study.

• Avail one year of Graduate job search visa after studies which could be extended up to 3 years.

• Be eligible to apply for permanent residence visa(applicable for chefs).

• Invites all diploma/degree holders from hospitality

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