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Diploma in Engineering (Level 7)

Graduate Diploma in Engineering

(Level 7) with MIT,New Zealand.



The Graduate Diploma in Engineering, with strands inElectronics, Power, Mechatronics and Mechanical, caters for engineeringgraduates and working engineering professionals who wish to gain furtherspecialist knowledge in a discipline area.

You will graduate at the same level as a degree students in asubject other than the one you majored in for your first degree.

This programme enables graduates to undertake high-level design,specification and project management within a specific selection of subjectareas. It provides you with multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge covering anumber of strands.

This range of knowledge will enable graduates to provide optimaldesign solutions by being able to compare and evaluate the differingalternatives provided by, and within, each discipline area. You will have anunderstanding of the practical application of the discipline and the technicalskills to specify and manage projects.

Key facts

Study Method

Full time or part time


Close when the programme is full






$6,400 (approx.)

International Student Fees

NZD$21,400 (approx.)

Study Location

MIT Otara

Information is correct at November 2016. Programme fees may varydepending on your final selection of courses that make up your programme. Toprovide you with an indication of costs, the approximate fees quoted on thiswebsite are based on the indicative 2017 fee structure. All fees are in NewZealand Dollars. If your fees are paid by credit card, a credit card fee willbe payable in addition to programme fees. You will be advised of the currentfees at the time of enrolment. All courses and programmes will proceed subjectto numbers and academic approval. Manukau Institute of Technology is accreditedunder the provisions of the Education Act 1989.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this qualification will be qualified Technology Engineersand will be able to gain employment in such fields as:

·        Electronic Engineers

·        Mechanical Engineers

·        Power Engineers


Students complete a selection of the following courses,depending on their chosen strand of study:


·        Engineering Development Project

Mechatronics Compulsory

·        Robotics

·        Systems & Control 

·        Embedded Systems 

·        Fluids Power and Advanced Fluid Mechanics

·        Automation

·        Mechanics of Machines

Electronics Compulsory

·        Signal Processing

·        Systems & Control  

·        Embedded Systems  

·        Electronic Manufacturing 2*

·        Electronic Design

Electronics Electives (select one)

·        Microcontroller Systems 2*

·        Electronics 2*

·        Professional Engineering Practice

Power Compulsory

·        Power Systems

·        Systems & Control 

·        Electrical Machines Dynamics  

·        Automation

·        Sustainable Energy and Power Electronics

Power Electives (select one)

·        PLC Programming 2*

·        Protection

·        Power Distribution

·        Professional Engineering Practice

Mechanical Compulsory

·        Robotics

·        Energy Engineering

·        Fluids Power and Advanced Fluid Mechanics

·        Applied Computational Modelling

·        Mechanics of Machines

Mechanical Electives (Select One)

·        Mechanical Design 1  

·        Advanced Thermodynamics

·        Professional Engineering Practice

Further study

Upon completion of this programme, students can continuetowards:

·        Post Graduate Diploma in Engineering

·        Master’s Degree in Engineering

·        PhD in Engineering.

Programme Code



MIT Graduate Diploma


One year (full-time) or up to four years (part time)

Start Dates

February and July (please enquire for more details)




Special entry may be granted by the Head of School responsiblefor the programme to an applicant who does not meet all entry criteria, where theHead of School is satisfied the applicant is capable of undertaking theprogramme of study


A 3 year bachelor's degree in an electrical / mechanicalengineering discipline (excluding a Mechatronics specialisation)


Equivalent practical, professional or educational experience ofan appropriate kind.

Applicants must be physically capable of completing thepractical aspects of the programme AND applicants must have sufficientcompetence in the English language to undertake this programme which is taughtand assessed in English. This will be demonstrated by meeting the current NZQArequirements.

International students

Test your English level to help you plan.

Take our free online English test to get a basic indication of yourEnglish level. This will help you understand what programmes you can apply forand what preparation you may require before you start your programme of study.

Provisional Entry

Students who have attainedthe age of 20 years and do not hold the minimum entry requirements for aprogramme will be eligible to be enrolled as a student where their previouseducational, work or life experience indicates they have a reasonablelikelihood of success. Students who have not attained the age of 20 years anddo not hold the required minimum entry requirements for a programme may also beeligible to enrol in exceptional circumstances. Such decisions will be made bythe Faculty Dean.



·        Earn minimum of $15.75 NZ$/hr as per the minimum wages set.

·        Earn and gainpractical experience by working part-time  by day 1 Along with your study.

·        Avail one year ofGraduate job search visa after studies which could be extended up to 3 years.

·        Be eligible toapply for permanent residence visa(applicable for chefs).

·        Invites alldiploma/degree holders.

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