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  • Alba Parmar

    I had the best experience with Versatile. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to go abroad to study contact them. I had so many questions during the whole process but Fauzan and Sonali went above and beyond to answer them. They were very helpful for deciding a college and the visa process.

  • Felicia Lobo

    Versatile Global Education was really very helpful throughout the entire process while I was applying to study overseas in Canada. They guide me on very step and took excellent care of all my documentation. Both Sonali and Fauzan are also very helpful and friendly. My experience with Versatile was excellent and I highly recommend Versatile to others as well.

  • Shraddha Chauhan

    I am extremely sorry for posting too late because of my account issues. I highly recommend versatile global as they have been amazing guidance throughout the whole process . I did recommend my other 6 to 7 friends as they wanted the same guidance and all of them are successfully here since 5 years now in Toronto,canada. Thankyou so much fauzan and sonali for all the help throughout the process .

  • Harshita Parmar

    The best consultancy I have met. They are helpful and give very realistic and practical advice/ guidance. Highly recommended consultancy. Thank you Fauzan sir and Sonali for helping me and giving me a great guidance.

  • Anirudh Dasgupta

    Versatile Global Education is one of the best place in Mumbai to visit if someone wants to go abroad. Fauzan is a very knowledgeable person and will for sure answer each and every question you have from visa to settlement. Sonali helps on following up with every single question. Very professional service! In fact I was impressed with their help, even if you have any issues regarding visa they assist you with each and every documentation and process. They are very motivated towards their work and you can trust them with their service. You just

  • Fahad Shaikh

    Hi It was my best experience with versatile. The visa process was very smooth and fast. My visa for newzealand country was rejected for the first time because of some irresponsibility of my previous consultancy but it is truely said that whatever happens is for a good reason even after getting a rejection, i have applied for the same country and this time with versatile. First time i have applied with versatile and i got my student visa. I recommend everyone to go with versatile. Their work is hassle free, smooth and very fast..... It was

  • Sajal Gupta

    Fauzan sir nd sonali mam are very helpful to everyone they give good guidence for studying in abroad anyone want to go for further study they should go versatile global education and meet sir

  • Shelar Nik

    My experience with Versatile global education was really wonderful. I specially want to thanks to Sonali mam as she helped me with lots of documents information and Fauzan Sir for helping me and solving all my queries. I would recommend my friends versatile global education for career guidance. Thank you!

  • Aishwarya Iyer

    If you are considering studying at New Zealand, Versatile Global Is the right place to seek help. Sonali And Fauzan Sir are really helpfully and supportive and will guide you at every stage in your journey for your course. Thank you ??

  • Rahul Bhalerao

    Certainly the best education consultant there is. Not only will he inform you about the educational programs, but he will also find the best option for you and after this he will walk you through all the process. He has an excellent disposition and no matter the time or day if you need something he will be there to lend you hand. I strongly recommend him to be your choice for an education consultant. Thanks Fauzan sir & sonali.....

  • Anshu Singh

    It has been an amazing experience with versatile education group. I would like Thank Fauzan Motorwala for his tremendous guidance and support right from selecting best college till visa got stamped and secondly Sonali for her amazing followup and updates. She is one of the best officer i have met. Thank you so much and cheers??

  • Prateik Walawalkar

    If you are planning to study in Canada, trust me this is the best place for consultation and get the processes done. Thank you Sonali mam for rigorously following up for the documents and Fauzan sir for making the process easy.

  • Nilesh Lokhande

    Versatile has been a constant support throughout the procedure of my admission process, visa, and other necessary work. They have always been there at any time of the day and night to solve any queries related to the work. I feel versatile is the best agency for guiding in the process of studying abroad and pursuing our dreams. Indeed versatile is truly versatile.

  • Akshay Chavan

    If you are planning for studying abroad this is the place where you would get proper consultation. Fauzan Sir will help you out with all your doubts and give you the best options. Sonali mam is a gem , call her for silliest of doubts at any time of the day, she shall answer it. From the moment you apply for a university to the entire process of filing your Visa ,you will have both of them connected to you all the time. These guys are the expertise and make they sure that the operations run smoothly. Thank You VGE for the tremendous support and

  • Gaurav Sonawane

    If you want to study abroad... Versatile Global Education is one stop Solutions for you... Hassle free process and correct guidance ?? Thanks to Fauzan sir for his support and guidance start from the college selection, Finance support and Visa applications. Special thanks to Sonali mam for amazing follow ups related to documents and answering queries any time of the day. Highly recommend Versatile Global Education ????

  • Komal Sharma

    VGE has been with me since the scratch and have helped me in every step possible for my Student Visa! They guide you in detail for the next steps - and they are very reliable for the information they keep! Cheers to Fauzan and Sonali for helping me!

  • Jaydev Madhom

    A many special thanks to sonali mam and fauzan sir, as they have helped me from starting process of visa and guided me through all the procedures. I recommend everyone for versatile global education as it is one of the well known and best consultancy in town. Thank you.

  • Fahad Shaikh

    Hi It was my best experience with versatile. The visa process was very smooth and fast. My visa for newzealand country was rejected in the first time because of some irresponsibility of my previous consultancy but it is very truely said whatever happens is for a good reason even after getting a rejection, i have applied for the same country and this time with versatile first time i habe applied with versatile and i got my visa. I didnt thought like ill get a chance to go to newzealand to complete my further studies. I recommend everyone to

  • Mark Gomes

    If you want to pursue your further studies abroad this is the place I would recommend you to go. Mr fauzan is a very helpful and knowledgeable person and will give you the best advice you require. He is also very approachable and you can ask him any queries you want answers to. He will guide you throughout the process. From the point of finding a college to getting your visa. He has sat with me till after his office hours to complete the visa application. Hence also being very helpful. They were supportive and didn't leave me feeling lost throu

  • Mokshad Nigde

    has been a wonderful experience with Versatile... Staff are very helpful and cooperating.... All the sources are legit and are very useful.. Best part is they are always available to help you out Highly recommended consultant for further studies outside India.... I would prefer Versatile over any other consultant In conclusion... Best consultant if you're planning to go study abroad...

  • Rashi Jakhmola

    Versatile Global Education, has been very helpful for me throughout my process, they were always there to guide me on my every step with proper guidance. Sonali was always available on call, just in case you got stuck in any process and a clarification, and Fauzan Sir too. I would recommend this consultantcy to anyone, who wants to persue higher education.

  • Gaurav Saha

    So, versatile was a great help in taking me out of the tassel which I had with the college. I came to them at a crucial time and they help sort every thing out and will especially thank Mr. Fauzan Motorwalla for helping me pulling it though as well as helping to get the right people at the right time. It is highly recommended to get there guidance if you are looking to study abroad from them. My rating 4/5

  • Urvi Jani

    Versatile Global Education is one of the best education consults I have come across. The team is truly versatile in providing service with integrity. Thank you Mr. Fauzan Motorwala, and Ms. Sonali Jamsandekar for there from beginning to the end in the journey. I wish much more success to the team. ??

  • Bhairavi Satam

    My experience with Versatile global education was really wonderful. I specially want to thanks Sonali mam as she helped me with lots of documents information and specially also helped me to keep calm during my visa ????she is really friendly in nature and Fauzan Sir for helping me and solving all my queries. One of the perfect choice or decision that I have made for the application by choosing Versatile group.Great work and very happy with the service they provided and i would recommend my friends versatile global education for career guidance.

  • Jay Patil

    My experience with Versatile global education was awesome. I specially want to thanks my counselors Sonali mam and Fauzan Sir for helping me and solving all my queries. One of the perfect choice or decision that I have made for the application by choosing Versatile group. The staff is very friendly.Great work and very happy with the results. Thank you!

  • Rohan Awate

    Impeccable service provider. My whole experience from planning to executing was a smooth experience. Thanks to Mr.fauzan Motorwala and sonali Maam for providing me the opportunity to study at Niagara College. Both of them are legit one call away incase of any help. I would highly recommend versatile global education for overseas education

  • Zinovy Dsouza

    Most of my colleagues have done their further education through VGE and I always wonder why only through them ? and why not through other various agencies out there?. The reason is just simple that they are with you from the start providing guidance till the end, from selection of colleges and universities in different countries till the getting the Visa. Thanking Fauzan sir and Sonali mam for guiding me in the correct direction for getting the admission in the university and helping me with their visa process

  • Prathamesh Gawde

    Kia Ora! Bingo!!! Here I am in New Zealand after 2yrs of long struggle waiting for my passport to get stamped. I would like to strongly deliver my recommendation and appreciation for Versatile Global Education, from the process of course selection till making you land safely with reliable references everything is so well organized by the team. I was satisfactorily consulted by Mr Fauzan yes!!! A Gentleman who fixes the unsolved jigsaw puzzles of careers followed by prompt, accurate and efficient team member Sonali maam. It’s just not

  • Siddharth Kadam

    versatile consultancy is one of the best known consultancy in the town.. They assisted me from the scratch till the end.. A very special Thanks to Mr.Fauzan and Miss Sonali for the enthusiasm and support during the process.. From choosing an institute to get into to the visa process they helped me through each and every step.

  • Roveena D'souza

    I would like to thank Versatile Global Education for their impeccable help support and guidance. Right from college selection to documentation, everything was a smooth process. Sonali and Fauzan sir seriously help and guide you the correct way. I have been more in contact with Sonali and she is a really warm person and really patient with each and everything. A really calm and composed soul and a great help too!

  • Hamza Mohd Ali

    It's one of the well known education consultant and very professional and helpful when it comes to guidance and support for students.Fauzan has made things easier and quicker be it from the process of college application to my Visa approval everything was done in one month, thanks to Sonali who ensures all in place.Thanks guys

  • Siddharth Mali

    I have had a very positive experience with Versatile Global Education. I'm really thankfull to fauzan sir and sonali maam for all the support and guidance in the admission procedures and visa process. I would highly recommend VGE for students looking to study abroad.

  • Indrajit Sarkhel

    It is one of the best consultancy i have ever been to They are proactive and well versed with the in and out of the process and issues My student visa was almost and impossible thing , but they made it possible Mr. Fauzan is the rockstar and Sonali ma’am is the best person whom you can contact for such My experience was awesome

  • Donovan Deniz

    I have had a very positive experience with Versatile Global Education. I am really thankful for being introduced to Fauzan Sir and Ms Sonali who have always been extremely helpful and supportive in all aspects for the perfect advice and guidance in choosing the right path which will help me achieve my dreams. I wish to thank them for everything and would surely recommend VGE to all my friends and associates who want to achieve success.

  • Chaitali Ghadi

    Moving abroad to study was a far fetched dream that i just lighlty brushed over. But it got true meaning and direction the day i was counselled by Sir Fauzan Motorwala. A true gem in the industry with an abundance of knowledge to help you in your desired field. Backed by his 1 man army Sonali Jamsandekar. She not only guided me through the process but gave me mental and emotional assistance in dire times. Through the journey of being aquainted with VGE, i have grown as a person in totallity, for which i will forever be gratefull to everybody at

  • Harshil Chauhan

    The experience was too good. Great hospitality and care taken by each and everyone at the office. They believe in results and hardwork which they do it very enthusiastically. I have already recommended many friends as they are doing a very good job.

  • Parth Kalar

    Got Admisiion to one of the best college of New Zealand all thanks to Versatile Global Education.Proper guidance as well as smooth procedures is what made me give 5 stars.Cheers to Fauzan and Sonali!!!!!!!

  • Calston Rodrigues

    Thank you Mr. Fauzan Motorwala and Sonali for providing me with this great oppurtunity. i would recommend versatile to all who want to pursue further studies.

  • Shawn D'souza

    Sonali was really helpful in her work under the guidance of Mr. Fauzan. Their recommendation and assistance was great and I have no regrets for choosing VGE. Indeed, they stand up to their motto about commitment.

  • Yash Parab

    Already Started My Studies In NSIA,Auckland. Vge Helped Me Alot In All The Process And Procedures For The Admision And Visa.. Provided Me With Proper Guidence.. I Highly Reccomend Vge To Everyone

  • Shreyansh Upadhyay

    I recently got my NZ visa approved. It was just because of the help which i got from VGE. They guided me on each step and helped me achieve my goal of studying abroad.

  • Fleur Parmar

    I'd like to thank Fauzan and Sonali for their impeccable help. My whole experience from planning to executing was one smooth ride. Amazing facts and knowledge about the country. Always willing to help at anytime of the day. The staff is marvelous.

  • Lokesh Khismatrao

    It's a platform where we can start a journey towards completion of our dreams. Very helping nature , The way of talking is perfect just feels like that we are talking to a friend n not to the counselor . Always takes initiative Very good nature . Perfect way to talk to parents Clearing every doubt Thank Versatile for everything *** Special thanks to Fauzan Motorwala and Sonali . I already had suggested many of my frnds to visit foreign country though Versatile.

  • Furtado Camilla

    My New Zealand visa just got approved & VGE has played great role in my entire process.Rite from selecting the course to making my visa approval process so amazing. Sir Fauzan and Ms Sonali were the main reason for the smooth transition.A special thanks to both of them for the support , guidance and constant encouragement. This is one of the best consultancy I have ever visited. I would recommend VGE to each one of you who is planning to go abroad for studies.

  • Sachin Gorahawa

    The place where you can change your life. versatile global education is good for future education in any country. they guide and help you in everything so please don't talk with other consultant first talk with them, then make your decision.

  • Chandrashekhar Kanojia

    If you plannig to study abroad to have turned up to the Right place. Fauzan sir is always ready to help.....making the selection of courses and colleges and easy for us. Sonali ma'am making sure the admission and Visa application procedures go smoothly with any hurdles. Keep the great work VGE. Thank you.

  • Ajinkya Mohite

    Best consultancy in Mumbai. Mr. Fauzan and Ms.Sonali helped me a lot with my documentation and offer letter in a very short period of time. They fulfill their promises.I would like to thank them and wish them luck.

  • Abhijeet Kamath

    So i was here because of my brother who had consulted versatile global education for his further education. Frankly when i had come her i was clueless about what would be the ideal course, country to go to or anything as a matter of fact. With just one goal in mind not to stop at just a degree... My interest specially lied in culinary. So i had an apt booked straight away and i have no regrets.. That same day all my doubts were cleared and i could easily make up my mind thanks to Fauzan Sir and the VGE team especially Sonali Mam . Right from se

  • Priyanka Madhuri Naresh Tumdam

    Many thanks to Donovan who helped me throughout my journey from the time i went to his office till the time i landed in New Zealand, Thank you so much for guiding me for ideal course as well as helping me to take the toughest decision to decide between New Zealand and US. One right decision changes your life so much. Your help is much Appreciated.

  • Faraz Ahmed

    Its such a platform which made my work really easy thanks to the team for helping me out must say this is the best consultancy i recommend to go with the same. Special thanks to Fauzan sir and Sonali mam. Its like they help us for making a dream come true.

  • Amit Gawli

    Good agency for students who wish to study abroad ?? . All people working here are co-operative with their customers . Same I had good experience over there .?? For students who wish to study abroad must choose this agency. It's 100% honest ,they don't fraud anyone! Since this question comes in every person's mind ?? To be very frank overall it's good agency!!!! What are you all waiting for just go and enroll now!!!

  • Denver Soares

    The help that I received from Versatile cannot be reviewed in just 5 stars because they deserve a whole lot more. My Craze to go abroad all started when I entered the final year of Hotel Management in Mumbai. To decide between Canada and New Zealand was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made in my Career. Thankfully Mr. Fauzan Cleared my mind as to my prospects and choices i needed to enhance my Career. It was a tough choice but I picked Canada to study in. #thebestdecisionihaveevermade #honestlyandtruthfully #nosarcasm Ms. Sonali

  • Nilesh Rajput

    Versatile was a great help right from my program search to applying till my visa approval Fauzan sir really looks into your application personally and Sonali ma'am is great with all help regarding the paper works and keeps close watch on daily application update and yet keeps note of any activity from college end and make sure you know about it Thank you so much Sonali ma'am and Fauzan sir for helping me

  • Pradeep Sabat

    Hello, I mr Pradeep Sabat I was trying for Canada but,I didn't get any proper course.I went Verstaile constancy and fauzan sir help me a lot And get a good course in New-Zealand and there also I get problem in pte score very less ,but then to college accepted my score and immigration and now I am happily staying in New-Zealand.thank you fauzan sir and Sonali.

  • Joan Mendes

    Versatile is the best they guided my son very well and completed all the formalities for admission to the university in Canada. Mr Fauzan takes personal interest in each student and is easily contactable. His staff at his office Sonali is very efficient and helpful. Thank you versatile

  • Rovina Ahuja

    Hi guyz, So coming abroad wasn't a real plan, but to get more information about the whole scenario about studying abroad, I came to versatile consultancy as recommended by my friends. And after meeting them, my thought became real and finally the process started. Fauzan sir was the most helpful in choosing the right college and program. All my process was taken care of by Sonali ma'am and I had nothing to worry about. It was a good experience. And even after i being in Canada, they are still ready to help me with any further issues. Loved thei

  • Siddhesh Jage

    One of the best place for overseas education.VGE was very supportive thought out the whole process. Fauzan sir and his team helped a lot. I'll highly recommend VGE!!

  • Piyush Kumar

    It's been an excellent journey for me ,from choosing college and the day when my visa got approved . I have been visiting versatile from past a year and I have always felt motivated and amazed . A big thank to Fauzan sir for guiding me all the way. Can't thank enough to Sonali ma'am to be always there when I needed her help ,she had made every single effort to and went out of her way to help me .thank you Sonali ma'am .

  • Shetty Geeth

    My experience at Versatile Global Education - My New Zealand Visa just got approved and I am on top of the world. VGE has a large role to play in making the entire VISA approval process so amazing. As promised, it took exactly 2.5 months for the entire process to complete. Mr. Fauzan who heads VGE was extremely professional and has streamlined the entire process. Ms.Sonali Jamsandekar was really quick in responding to all the queries at any given time. She helped me with answers related to the entire process starting from IELTS, Admission pro

  • Sanket Valanju

    It was a great experience and all the process went smoothly because of fauzan sir and sonali mam, they also guided me thoroughly which helped me to get my Visa without any difficulty. So I suggest for all the upcoming students to choose versatile global education consultancy without any doubt!

  • Harshit Shetty

    Thank you Versatile for providing me with this great oppurtunity. I am really loving this place and i would recommend versatile to all who want to pursue further studies.

  • Ankita Srivastava

    Versatile Global Education is the place to go if you are planning to study or work abroad. Located at Fort in Mumbai, if you are situated in a different part of the city the travel might be a bit challenging however worth it. From necessary visa documents, college applications and permits to bank loans and GIC schemes, Versatile Edu knows it all! Working along with a dedicated team such as them, my dreams of travelling and studying in Canada became possible. I would recommend to try VGE!

  • Harsh Gogri

    Donovan Cardoza Thank you so much for guiding since the very first day till the last day when i flied to New zealand, I would have honestly not been in New Zealand if i din't had your support. Lucky to be here in New Zealand n credit goes to you Donavan thank you for your strong support and guidance.

  • Soloman Dias

    Fauzan sir and Sonali really helped me with my decision to come to New Zealand.. I wanted to fast track the application as I had just a month before the college would start.. I got the loan the acceptance letter from the college and the visa in QuickTime and arrived in time for orientation.. I greatly recommend Versatile for study abroad.. especially New Zealand and Canada..

  • Praneet Naidu

    It has been a great experience with Versatile. Great people to work with. Fauzan and Sonali a salute to you guys thank you for your guidance and support. You guys have a right and great attitude towards your work please keep it up. Thank you once again for everything.

  • Siddhu Baji

    Had a very good experience with Versatile Global Education. One of the best consultants in Mumbai and also Fauzan sir guided me pretty well throughout the the admission process. Also Sonali mam was very helpful throughout the process. Would definitely recommend it to everyone without any second thoughts on it.

  • Anil Panigrahi

    Had great experience with Versatile consultancy. They helped me a lot for choosing a suitable course for my career. By the guidance of Fauzan sir and with the help of Sonali ma'am, I have fulfilled my dream of studying abroad. Thanks for all the support and guidance.

  • Rahul Gijare

    I met Fauzan sir and Sonali mam after my canadian visa got rejected from a different consultancy. There was no way I could apply back to the same country. So they suggested me to think about Otago Polytechnic in Auckland, New Zealand. All my documentations and everything was done by them throughly. After one rejection I had lost all hopes of getting into any country but then like and elder brother Fauzan sir helped me and finally my visa arrived and I am now in Auckland. All thanks to Sonali Mam and Fauzan Sir! I would recommend each one of

  • Vaishnavi Shinde

    I wanted to do my further studies in new Zealand and then one of our sir suggested Versatile Global Education and Mr. Fauzan Motorwala and Ms. Sonali both of them helped me planning all my things starting right from my PTE exam to my visa and any problem they both helped me and would suggest that if you are planning for further studies in abroad please visit versatile once. Thanks Fauzan Sir and Sonali Mam

  • Lovepreet Mahal

    My visa was declined once because my previous consultancy Miss guided me and this incident shattered my belief in such consultancies but then one of my friend recommended me versatile global education at first I was very speculative because of my previous experience but once I met and presented my case to Fauzan Motorwala he not only guided me to get my visa but also encouraged and rebuilt my belief I would highly recommend if you are planning to study abroad please visit versatile and I assure you won't be disappointed and I would like to than

  • Rahul Raj

    Versatile is one of the best agencies which helps in every step of the way. Thanks to Mr. Fauzan, Ms. Sonali and everyone else involved to make a dream come true

  • Charles Mathew

    Was a gud awesome n helpful experience with versatile frm the day 1 i entered till my flying date it was n excellent service by Versatile Mr.Fauzan MD of Versatile kept his wrds true he told me within 2 n half months i will be in NZ and yes i m flying tomorrow Also i wud lyk to thank Sonali Mam for doing all my procedure fast n for a gud guiding support

  • Pratik Telies

    I had a great experience at Versatile Global Education from choosing the right college until I get the visa. They are all very supportive and always motivating. Fouzan sir and Sonali has guided me through the application process, so I didn't have to worry about anything. I would recommend Versatilie Global Education to everyone who want to make a future. Thank you VGE for everything. Cheers!!!! And Kia Ora.

  • Harish Parmar

    Had a very good experience with Versatile Global Education. One of the best consultants in Mumbai and also Fauzan sir guided me pretty well throughout the the admission process. Also Sonali mam was very helpful throughout the process. Would definitely recommend it to everyone with any second thoughts on it.

  • Ankit Mantrawadi

    Versatile global education is one of the best educational consultancy i have come across. Sonali has been a herat help throughout my procedure right from the documentation of papers till i got my visa. Always kept in touch even after the procedures ended to ensure everything is going good in canada !

  • Jadan Mendes

    One of the most trusted consultancies! Very Genuine, prompt and beyond expectations service and help throughout the entire process by Fauzan Sir and Sonali Mam! Only wish that they had more branches! Over all experience was excellent! I would recommended other students to consult VGE before pursing their education abroad!

  • Purav Tailor

    I am grateful to Fauzan for providing me the guidance to choose career within such a caring and supportive environment. Sonali is always available for all queries . Simple and Planned process to follow for Visa.

  • Rudraksha Mayekar

    Versatile global education is the place where one can find career path. Fauzan sir is the person who provides u with proper guidance . Sonali is the person truly helpful she help's u out with proper information

  • Neeraj Mishra

    Thankx to Mr Fauzan and sonali for helping me out for every procedure, and I think versatile is one of the best that anyone can get in mumbai to know about study abroad.....

  • Divesh Gupta

    Versatile helped me and guided me in a proper way because of finally I'm in New Zealand studying my bachelor diploma in hotel management at Otago polytechnic university Auckland it is a trusted place where you can get a clear understanding of what you want and how you are going to achieve that.

  • Yash S Korde

    Thanks to fauzan sir it was a really good journey from meeting him for the first time to the last de i met him....he is the most confident person i have seen...and thanks to sonali madam for ansering all my call nd also helping me go step by step...thank u to versatile global education......

  • Akshay D'souza

    Versatile Global Education is more beyond excellence. This consultancy gave me all out support in terms of counselling, information, confidence and that all i needed to get into great college to pursue my career. Their service is excellent and prompt. They always gave prompt help whenever i needed related to my work. The staff over here is just awesome especially Sonali maam is very warm and kind. She gave personal attention to every detail. Then more importantly the Head and soul of this wonderful consultancy Sir FAUZAN MOTORWALA his kindness

  • Dsp Pathare

    Versatile has been a family to me and being the youngest to go overseas by the guidance and inspiring support from Mr.Fauzan Sir and Sonali ma'am who helped throughout till visa was approved.Though having the least of documents and 0 work experience my visa was stamped by first attempt itself. Versatile made me feel secured about choosing my right career. Even my elder sister after completing her 2 years of studies through the suggestion of versatile, is currently a manager in a reputed restaurant. thankyou sir and all the staff. YOU ARE THE BE

  • ROhit YaDav

    Versatile global education is the best consultancy in India. I am from delhi and one of my friend from mumbai recommend me to this place. Believe me you don't even need to go to their office just give them a call and they will help you in every possible way by providing correct and relevant information which will leads you to your dream destination for study. Mr.Fauzan is an inspiring and optimistic person. I had two visa refusals but still he didn't lose hope on me and finally in the third time where most of the consultancy will tell you that

  • Krutika Parab

    Thanks to Fauzan, Namrata and Sonali for the help! Also, amazing service!

  • Leander Dsa

    A highly recommended institution for students who wish to study abroad. Thanks to Mr.Fauzan and Ms.Sonali on providing me with this opportunity.

  • Samson Samuel

    Great service offering by the excellent executives they have on board who gave me effective and correct direction as to what and how to do things for my foreign education. Would recommend it to everyone.

  • Girish Karkera

    Special thanks to Mr Fauzan and Ms.Sonali for their tremondous support will always recommend versatile for all who are aspiring to go abroad for education

  • Neha Pathare

    One if the best places to go if you want to study abroad. Great staff and very helpful also!

  • Tejas Gaikwad

    versatile global education is one of the best consultancy so far.Thankyou "fauzan sir "for your guidance and to "Namrata mam" as well for helping me out in each process ,no matter how many times I called up.?.Thanks a lot ,I had a great experience with "versatile global education".will surely recommend if any of my colleague is looking for studies in abroad. Fauzan sir and your team, you guys rock !! Thanks a lot.

  • Ameya Pawale

    5 stars to versatile. Probably the best consultancy and the right place to solve all your queries regarding overseas education. I personally had an amazing experience throughout my process. Thank you Fauzan sir for guiding me so perfectly and Sonali for making this process smooth and simple. Again thank you so much for all your help and kudos to Fauzan sir and the whole team !!! CHEERS :D

  • Ameya Patil

    Had a great and marvelous experience with Versatile Global Education.It is one of the best consultancies i have visited.Fauzan Sir is THE person to get your querries solved and is also very helpful in the whole process right From your first step into the consultancy till your first step into another country.Apart from him Sonali and Namrata are also very helpful and go out of the way to help you.Thank you so much for helping me out and shaping my future.KUDOS to the whole team!!

  • Sagar Deodhar

    Fauzan Sir from versatile so far the most genuine and amazing counselor I've ever come across. Always willing to go out of the way to help students and solve the problems they face and give them a honest advice. He definitely has good knowledge of all the fields of study which make him a reliable source to count on as every student needs an counselor who knows his work well and he is definitely the best at it. I personally had no inconvenience or any complaints throughout the application procedure. So if someone is looking for a best and reliab

  • Yogesh A. Koli

    Excellent work... It looks difficult but you guys made it very easy..... Specially Sonali Jamsandekar keep on doing great work Thnx for support

  • Sumeet Sindoliya

    Thank you Versatile. You guys helped me a lot to fulfill my dream of studying abroad. The help from Sonali was superb and the doubts were solved. In short. Thank you.

  • Sagar Deodhar

    Fauzan Sir from versatile so far the most genuine and amazing counselor I've ever come across. Always willing to go out of the way to help students and solve the problems they face and give them a honest advice. He definitely has good knowledge of all the fields of study which make him a reliable source to count on as every student needs an counselor who knows his work well and he is definitely the best at it. I personally had no inconvenience or any complaints throughout the application procedure. So if someone is looking for a best and reliab

  • Menon Ajay

    It was a great experience getting help from Versatile consultancy and especially with Fauzan sir, Donovan & all the staff member who helped me to complete all the procedure from admission process to visa procedure excellent follow up i am thankful &fortunate to got in touch with Versatile agency .....

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    Friendly and very co-operative staff. One will always feel great and satisfied that they visited this consultancy.

  • Jay Daryani

    My my my ..5 stars are just not justified for such a brilliant company.. I mean when your management is perfect it just 3 4 staff members to make it a brilliant company.. Sonali maam was so wonderful and prompt in replies all she did solved the quires in a flash like so prompt.. N the best mr Fauzan is just a multiple embassy within himself. Secondly where ever you get stuck with a query disregarded the time he will reply back in flash . Amazing knowledge and a well displayed product on its own.. Guys if u want to apply anywhere be it Australia

  • Tushar Phanse

    Versatile global education is the place where one can find his destiny. Fauzan Motarwala is the person who provides u with proper guidance on ur Carrier path. Sonali is the person truly helpful she help's u out with the overall process. Namrata gives a helpful hand overall the staff is very helpful. Don't regret later try out n find ur Destiny

  • Ruchita Dhargalkar

    It's really good that I choose versatile global education group, they have help me very much, for things. I was not sure were to go for studies but Fauzan sir helped me for right path. As well as Sonali n namrata helped me for other work... The consultancy is awesome..

  • Shajil Nair

    It was 4 yrs back when i was confused about going abroad and my senior friend from college asked me to meet Versatile global education as he had already been to Canada through them.Same as you all I had some doubts (from students point of view), How helpful the agent is? Is there any hidden charges? How many students have been successful in their life going abroad? Well all the other comments and ratings clearly prove that how well this agency is helpful and have guided their studends. Versatile have always been like a friend.

  • Vipul Dinkar Chavan

    Thx for everything fauzan ...for all your help regarding course information & all visa help....its has been wonderful experience with VERSATILE......one of the best consultancy all over mumbai....go for it guys.

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    Best place to get all your questions and queries cleared prior to chasing your dream.

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  • Vatsal Joshi

    a good instituation. very helpful, cooperative, and understanding staff. always ready to help and they have good information about foreign education and other details essential for the candidates applying for higher education. overall, a very satisfactory experience.

  • Tanay Bhojane

    Versatile Global Education is a place where students who want to study abroad can go there without any hesitation. Students get proper support right from choosing a course to visa process and even further. Even the staff is very co-operative and efficient. Mr. Fauzan and Ms. Swati has helped me throughout my process. Thank you for the support Versatile Global Education.

  • Vikrant Digambar Nimbalkar

    I had awesome experience with versatile.. Fauzan sir n his team is very supportive. Namrata helped me a lot in my visa processs. Thank u very much namrata..smile emoticon I would suggest students to visit versatile once. I m sure u ll like it

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    It was a great experience getting help from Versatile consultancy and specially with Fauzan sir. All the staff are very co-operative, helpful and have constant follow ups everyday. They have the best personalised services. Thanks a lot.

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    It was a good experience getting helped with versatile consultancy and specially with Fauzan sir.Hez good as a person Also very helpful.was bit worried on my visa bt i got ma visa in first attempt Everything has been changed in ma lyf so far Thank you Fauzan sir for suggesting me such a good college. Thank you so much.

  • Husain Netz

    Thank You Fauzan, I was quite lucky to get in touch with you. I have better opportunities and a great life to look forward. The process and everything was very smooth. Thank you for changing my life.!

  • Devvrat Pai

    Exceptional opportunities and unparalleled service are two of the many things one can expect when travelling abroad for education via VGE. My experience with versatile was brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat.

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  • Alkesh Parab

    Thankyou Fauzan sir. I am going to start a new journey with lots of opportunities, with the help of Versatile Global Education. It is a best institute if plannig for abroad studies, support students from getting offer letter till filing visa. once again thankyou to Fauzan Sir and Namrata for supporting me.

  • Akshata Dalvi

    I don’t know where to begin from, speaking about the services Versatile provided me with. When I possessed absolute zero knowledge about overseas education which is a risky affair, Versatile came to my rescue through a Facebook ad. It’s a small team of highly efficient, friendly, voluntarily helpful and extremely professional personnel. Ms. Sonali, the kind lady who was the contact person for me here, offered great help throughout my admissions and visa procedures, keeping track of the smallest of deadlines and answering the silliest of my quer

  • Tabetha Miranda

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    Going through versatile Agency was a wonderful experience. Applied here for a course in New Zealand, they helped me in each and every step for applying to the college, Visa Process etc. Three cheers to Mr. Fauzan, Miss Namrata & rest of the team...!!! A Big thanks to everyone.

  • Mahesh Singh

    Excellent services offered by Versatile. Staff are friendly. Fees structure details where very much cleared. Visa procedure was done smoothly. No fake promises or extra process fees were charged. I am much pleased with their services.

  • Ashutosh Singh

    Versatile Recruitment offers a wide variety of culinary schools all over the world. Fauzan Sir helped me to choose the best culinary course and culinary college,helped me in my visa process and provided assistance in at every step.

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    Versatile helped me a lot. It was possible due to Mr. Fauzan and the team that helped me to come to Canada Tension Free. Versatile Provides Very quickly and good service. They also help in sharing contacts of accommodation's near the college and near the places of jobs. I am extremely happy with Versatile. Thank you for your help so far

  • Viraj Khandekar

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  • Nikhil Itadkar

    It's a dream come true.Thank you fauzan sir n ur team for all d guidance n support. It's been a great journey. NZ is wonderful country to study, to work as well as travel places. NSIA colg is very good colg for cookery n patisserie with experienced faculty n supportive as well. I am having a very good time in Auckland. Thank you once again Fauzan sir n swati for all the assistance.

  • Parvez Khan

    I Got my Education Consultancy from "Versatile Global Education" A Great Opportunity to Study In New Zealand, And Really Enjoying The International Studying And New Country As Well. If You Planning For Best Education, I Highly Recommend "VGE" They Will Give You The Best Experience.Great Staff Very Friendly People Helps Alot. Thanks To Fauzan Sir And The Team Of VGE.

  • Sherine Thomas

    One of the best agencies and agents to head to if you're looking for an opportunity to study abroad. They have the best personalised services and are always ready to help and guide you through the monotonous sometimes confusing process of filling out various forms and applications. Had the best experience with them.

  • Atul Tiwari

    I had a very good experience with Versatile Recruitment, especially the guidance from Fauzan on every process & details... i would like to thanks swati from Versatile for regular updates and check on the process.. the details and specifications provided by Fauzan was very helpful and genuine.. i love it here in Auckland.... Otago Polytechnic is an awesome institute with a very supportive and knowledgeable faculty and stafff.... Thanks a Lot #VersatileGlobalEducation

  • Maninder Saini

    People Planning to move Auckland...especially for cookery course..please contact Mr. Motorwala ( Versatile ) the perfect guy to help out and makes it easy to understand the exact procedure. Very Very Very Helpful.

  • Sudhanshu Kulkarni

    Fauzan sir helped me lot. Fantastic cooperation through versatile Thanks a lot

  • Padma Balayar

    My friend Suprina recommend me Fauzan Motorwala VRC for Overseas education. Fauzan is an amazing councellor, his knowledge is at par, he is updated with all the pros & cons. He understands your requirements and guide accordingly. Today my brother is in Canada for IBM program. He completed 10 months. Fauzan helping hands are always available even your process is over. I am thankful to my friend Suprina and Fauzan.

  • Sachin Patil

    I came through @versatile recruitment in Canada to get my post secondary in hospitality management. so i am done with my studies now even got three years work permit and heading towards permanent residence process. i am so glad that i came through with this amazing education consultancy which helps me to get my future bright. thank you so much and how can forget about very helpful person Mr. #fauzan motorwala. you mean a lot for us. thanks again

  • Rahul Shetty

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  • Leroy Dsouza

    Very first time I went to versatile with my friend was for him and I was not interested to go overseas for studies, but fauzan told me the pros of going to Canada. He suggested me a 1 year course and getting a 3 years work permit. I applied for that course and got my 3 years work permit (No False promises) by him. And the best thing about him he does not forget any of his students he will always touch base with every students and guide them. I have always suggested my friends to go through versatile.Cheers

  • Sayed Suhel

    Received Good Feedback from Students, All the promises and commitments were fulfilled. Keep it up. I suggest all the students atleast visit their office before planning for further studies abroad.

  • Nitesh Gupta

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  • Alok Singh

    Best place to go if you are looking for a career abroad. You cannot get a better mentor than Mr. Fauzan Motorwala who helps you in achieving your goals in all the different ways he can. I am really grateful to him . Best Wishes!!

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    Fauzan at Versatile Global Education is simply fabulous! He is an exceptionally compassionate, intelligent, and dedicated consultant who effectively guided me through the challenges i was facing to come to Canada. He has knowledge and experience to carefully and methodically help us sort through our educational options in order to find the best fit for everyone. Thank you Fauzan. I would highly recommend Versatile Global Education to everyone

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  • Shrideep Tamhankar

    I should confess that I have been lucky enough to meet a very helpful, trustworthy and a reliable agent which is not so very common in the city. Fauzan offered much more he was always available to help any sort of difficulties till the time the student departs. I have visited many other agents in the city and even after paying the enrollment and registration fee they were not really impressive.. I will definitely recommend versatile to all readers who are interested in pursuing further studies across the globe.

  • Prathamesh Edirisinghe

    Versatile Recruitment helped me a lot... A special thanks to Fauzan Sir.. its because of him that today i can achieve my dream... he motivated me at each and every point when ever i had lost hopes to study in New Zealand.. My process took 1 n half year.. in dis time he always motivated me and pushed me so that i dont lose hope... Thank you is a small word for you Fauzan Sir... Versatile is very helpful...

  • Tanya Vaz

    I had plans to study abroad but wasn't sure it was then, when Fauzan Sir wid his team visited our college..!! It all started then from admissions to the visa process..!! Thank U for helping us on every step n solving all d queries..!! A big thank u, to marisha as well for all those irritating calls that u answered..!! Lol :D

  • Aditya Thomas

    Mr. Fauzan Versatile are the best. They make things relatively easy and precise. A big thanks to him and his team. Keep going strong

  • Prajakta Dalvi

    Had a wonderful experience with versatile and fauzan sir. Its great here in canada, the college is great and even the country. Thank you for all your help till now.

  • Priyanka Nimbalkar

    I want to say so much, but I can hardly find the words. So, I'll just say that you are the greatest blessing in my life.Thank you! Thank you for being with me all that difficult time. You support and understanding gave me the strength to continue fighting.Fauzan sir u r d great person for me.Thank you to whole versatile team. I deeply appreciate your support.

  • Rajas Panshikar

    One of the finest agency, trustworthy and reliable. A great thanks to Fauzan Sir and team Versatile to help me achieve my dream. It made very easy for me right from the initial stage, to all the enormous documenting procedure and finally getting there. Feels so proud to accomplish what I want and the whole credit goes to Fauzan Sir.. I will surely recommend Versatile to all my friends and colleagues.

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  • Akshay Vaze

    Versatile one of the best consultancy. Fauzan sir has helped me a lot he is very helpful.

  • Bhavya Amin Uchil

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  • Olivio Gooner Noronha

    Team Versatile has been very co-operative for leading my way to New Zealand... Special thanks to Mr. Fauzan Motorwala for his guidance throughout my process for my studies at Otago Polytechnic.. Keep up the good work. Surely 1 of the best agencies must say.. P.s. thank you team Versatile.

  • Snehal P Bhoir

    Tough times and long hunts for career abroad.. finally ended at Versatile Recruitment. A very big thank you Fauzan for your personal attention and guidance at each and every step. you and your team work wonders right from choosing a course to getting through the visa process. As the Company's name suggests its really 'VERSATILE' Highly recommend to those interested in pursuing further studies accross the globe. Its a correct pathway to your dreams. .

  • Mitesh R Tari

    Thank u team versatile and #Fauzan sir for your support.. its just awesome here in Newzealand.. i m enjoying my studies and the country as well.

  • Rajaram Keshav Korgaonkar

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  • Bhargav Iyer

    I, with all confidence can vouch for the quality of counseling and guidance that Versatile recruitment has aided me with. I would suggest all the students who would like to seek foreign education and a successful career, to have a word with Mr Fauzan and then see the amazing results that they would have in the near future with his guidance and advice.

  • Aarti Tawasalkar

    Versatile Recruitment has given me a proper guidance to enhance my career. It was very difficult for me to manage things related to studying in Canada. Thanks to Fauzan Motorwala for helping me out and making the process easy. Thank you so much

  • Tejal Gawankar

    "Versatile Recruitment Consultancy is a great education consultancy for those students who aspire to study abroad. Mr. Fauzan Motorwala and his team have given me lot of support, guidance and encourage pursuing my further studies abroad. The team would help you in setting up your career you wish to pursue as they guide the students in the right way. I highly recommend VRC for overseas studies".

  • Aditya Patil

    Versatile guided me thoroughly to where i am today. Its a genuine consultancy which tells you what are your chances to study & work abroad. The process is kept clean & clear in front of you. Versatile really takes good care of you by engaging you in the right program & consistent follow-ups. I suggest anyone reading this review to consult Mr. Fauzan Motorwala (Managing Director) if they want to make a right move in their career. Thank You Versatile!!

  • Abhishek Bhave

    It has been a remarkable learning experience where I have been able to grasp the points of dealing with International Admission. My expectations were not only met, but exceeded when it came down to the crunch issues of admissions and visa approval. The staff at Versatile are warm, caring and a thoroughly professional lot. My experience can be summed up in one word I was very pleased with the service offered by Versatile. I will like to thank the staff for their outstanding support. Regards, Abhishek Bhave.

  • Rohan Satam

    VRC ! u do a grt job ! totally friendly n warm helping hand in each n every deed you need ... evry one must take it as a FIRST CONSIDERATION !!!best place to give a blooming start to ur professional carrier...

  • Aditya Randive

    This place just moved my nerves in most unbelievable way when I saw the kind and the level of service the team reverted me back with the solutions of all the problems I asked them ,the journey started for the process and seems like never ending till my visa gets done..but one fine day I felt so refreshed after having the New Zealand Visa in my hand, because I had almost lost my hope after rejections by 2 countries.But I must commend that Fauzan and his team had made me dream come true to pursue my studies in overseas.

  • Mrunal Bhagat

    it was good experience, they help me lot to complete my from my college admission to my visa process thank u vrc to help me lot

  • Bhupendar Bist

    Versatile Recruitment Consultancy is one of the best education consultancy for student who aspire to go for abroad studies. Fauzan Motorwala and his team provided the right kind of guidance and support needed. VRC can make your career go flying. Each and every details about the process and every doubt is been taken care. The kind of follow ups from the supporting staff is also truly awesome. Be it studies, immigration, internships, just think of Versatile for the true and right guidance. I am happy for the services rendered to me by Versatile.

  • Uttam Mahara

    “Fauzan Motorwala (Versatile Recruitment Consultancy) is a true channel in career guidance. He is responsive, demonstrated high integrity and most importantly he is results-oriented. Fauzan insight helped me to understand different type of courses available in different countries and so he understood my issue and my requirements and helped me to solve it in a fair and right direction. I highly recommend Fauzan Motorwala (Versatile Recruitment Consultancy) for overseas studies”.

  • Yogesh Manjarekar

    Great team working in VRC, feeling proud to be a part of team and specially thanks to Mr. Fauzan who helped me change my life, my career, etc., i would recommend everyone who wants to change there life go and meet VRC they would definitely help you making your future bright. Thank you Mr. Fauzan and VRC team. Cheers...........

  • Sahil Chitroda

    I really appreciate the efforts of VRC team and specially Mr Fauzan. They handled my file very efficiently and organized things for me. My visa was approved within a month. Finally I came to my dream destination and now am enjoying every bit of my college days. Thank you Mr Fauzan for a clear guidance on how to and what to do with my career opprtunities. Sahil

  • Ramesh Prasad

    Versatile is truly a professional Company. They have a very good knowledge and experience of how thing works in visa process & the best thing that i liked about the company was the way they help students in choosing the correct program which is suitable for their career for which I am thankful to Versatile & Team. And usually students get worried when it comes to file the visa but trust me guys Versatile is too good in getting the visa work done. Versatile has changed my life & career completely. Great Job Fauzan Sir & Team Thanks Ramesh Prasad

  • Sujay Sawant


  • Vivek Swamy

    after getting rejected for a visa application , one really does not have any hopes about goin down to a foreign country , but i was made to realize with versatile recruitment consultancy's sincere efforts tht , thngs can be set right , and organising things in a systematic manner can help u achieve nethng.. special thanks to Mr. Fauzan , who guided me very thoughtfully and carefully all along the visa application process.......

  • Ankita Vaidya

    Super awesome! Liked the way my file was handled and in less than a month I had visa in my hand. That means in just one month shortlisted the colleges and courses, booked the IELTS date, offer letter, done with GIC, visa filed, and finally visa approved! It feels great being here, in Canada, in one of the finest culinary schools. The whole process was unbelievably fast. Kudos to the VRC team. Cheers! -Ankita Vaidya

  • Kashish Obhan

    a very good knowledge about how things would be during visa process and to help in each and every way from ielts till getting a visa mr fauzan and his team had shown a huge support and I would recommend versatile recruitment to any student aiming to go overseas

  • Yamini Karekar

    I m very much thankfull to VRC to setting my carrier and actually giving me the correct pathway to my dreams .... I got all the support and the perfect guidelines through out my whole process of visa application which was soooo awesome!!! Thank you soooo much :) Cheers ... Yamini Karekar. :)

  • Talha Shaikh

    A perfect place to start your career overseas, with energetic staff and an able leader in Mr Fauzan, your advice and guidance ever since the start of the process till departing from India for Canada was very helpful and well appreciated. Thank you Fauzan Motorwala and your VRC team. Regards, Talha